A decentralized sharing economy protocol for movable goods.

A Shared Vision Backed by You

Powering the next generation of sharing platforms.

The Autorize Protocol

Community backed sharing of movable goods

The autorize protocol enables trustless sharing of movable goods, by using a decentralized arbitration system to determine whether a car, yacht, motorcycle, airplane (etc.) was used as agreed.

All physical assets in the protocol will be digitalized on the Ethereum network, opening up a world of possibilities in regard to asset management and ownership.

The Ecosystem

Ensuring pristine condition of the assets

Every time a movable good is rented, snapshots are taken before and after the rental takes place. The snapshots are automatically pushed to the autorize community, which then votes on whether the movable good has been returned undamaged.

Rating the users’ driving based on the type of rental

The autorize technology constantly tracks multiple car-relevant metrics related to driving and road conditions. These are then inspected by the community and scored based on several parameters, depending on the type of rental.

Community hosting activation

The movable good can be situated on a popular location, where it’s more likely to be rented. Hosts on popular locations get compensated in ATR tokens.

The Token Economy

The autorize (ATR) tokens will be used:

  • By the renter to pay the security deposit (tokens will be locked in a smart contract that can only be released once the community confirms the car was returned undamaged).
  • By the community to stake when confirming a car was returned undamaged (if the user's decision is found to be false, they lose that stake).
  • By the community to stake, when scoring a user’s driving ability.
  • By the rental agency to pay the autorize community for their services.
  • By the renter to pay for the rental service.

Supercarshare app

Powered by autorize

A real-life example of the autorize protocol.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Car No.1

is rented out as an easy drive rental, allowing a maximum of 0.5 lateral G-force. Current lateral acceleration is 0.8G, meaning the driver has surpassed the allowed maximum lateral G-force and will therefore get penalized by the community arbiters. The arbiters will lower the renter’s reputation level and increase the price of rental.

Car No.2

is rented out as a normal drive rental, allowing a maximum of 0.7 lateral G-force and is being driven within the limits - no penalties are applied. If the drive finishes with no violations, the blockchain community increases the driver's reputation level and lowers their future rental prices.

Blockchain-based App

Safe & easy to use

Fast & Easy Rent

Rent a supercar in seconds

Community backed

Community is the main arbiter


Demo supercarshare
app launch

Feb 9th 2018
Marbella, Spain


March 15th - June 1st, 2018, 12:00 CET

Supercarshare mvp
app launch

Apr 14th 2018
Cars&Coffee event in Brescia, Italy

app launch

June 17th
Cars&Coffee event in Frankfurt, Germany

Presale & Crowdsale

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